Nokia 3310 Vs Hydraulic Press – This Is The Battle Of The Century


So this is it! The all indestructible Nokia 3310 vs the unforgiving hydraulic press. Surely the hydraulic press doesn’t stand a chance, or does it?

Caution, the video below might burst your Nokia 3310 fandom bubble.


Ouch! It looks like the humble Nokia 3310 is just like any other phone, and was crushed into a paste of old fashioned chips and outdated technology.

What a surprise!

Or wait a second, maybe, just maybe the phone was a fake! Or even more plausible, the Hydraulic press could have been made out of melted down Nokia 3310 just for this video!

Wow! Don’t you think I can work for The New Yorker with the kind of insightful and investigative “journalism” skills I possess?



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