Want to Make Enemies In Westeros? This App Can Text Your Friends Game Of Thrones Spoilers


So, if you’re a sociopath who can never have enough enemies, then this is the perfect app for you. As Game of Thrones continues to conquer the world, many of us who are forced to watch it via torrents or a delayed broadcast have been irritated with the constant spoilers that float our surroundings as soon as the episode is aired. Now until the previous season that was up to date with the books, the novelists were the spoilers since most of them have read the books and the show is based on them. But this time, it is different, as the show is actually further up in the story and many people have had sweet revenge by giving spoilers to the book readers.

Game of thrones spoiler app

Ned Stark pretty much sums it up. What spoiled.io does is that it breaks the plot of the new episode only a few hours after the episode is actually released and you can text your friends full of these small spoilers to ruin their latest episode if they haven’t watched it already. Cruel, no?

Game of thrones spoiler app2

The app has come in just in time for the Season Six’s finale that is to be aired on Sunday this week. I won’t suggest it to you guys except for extracting sweet revenge to the people who have been giving your spoilers throughout the series!

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