New Expanded Memory Case Solves iPhone Limited Memory Problem For Good

Sandisk memory case ixpand2

One thing where Apple’s stubbornness has really frustrated its users is its memory problem which hasn’t had an expandable memory chip from the start and as a result, the phone memory has been lower than the Android phones. Especially the 16GB versions should be totally illegal by now but somehow Apple keeps on rolling them out, and the result is space-constrained customers who aren’t getting their money’s worth with the expensive iOS products. So, if you have fallen prey to it yet again, this new iPhone case SanDisk can increase your storage capacity with built-in flash space. Moreover, it also has a battery add-on to increase battery endurance on the go! But, it will cost you extra.

The case comes with varying memory extensions from 32-128 GB, and so it can prove a worthy deal to go around with your iPhone since you need a case anyway so it might as well come with an external memory. The biggest challenge for the company was to make a product and a companion app that could sync with the camera and all the other media files so that the data can be stored directly in it instead of having to do it manually all the time. So, all of your data can be backed up and updated directly on it. Sounds amazing, huh?

Sandisk memory case

[Image Source: SanDisk]

The case is readily available on Amazon, and it will cost you $59 for the 32 GB version, $99 for the 64 GB and $129 for the 128 GB. It is a lot more expensive than the cheap memory additions in Android phones, but we will spend that money on cases anyway, so it pretty much balances out in the end. An additional $40 also ensures the extended battery pack as well.

Sandisk memory case ixpand

[Image Source: SanDisk]

Although Sandisk is a good solution, Apple should actually try and give bigger memory options instead of promising more memory on the cloud. Let’s face it; the pictures, videos, and other files are getting larger and larger. A 16 GB memory has no place in a high-flying carrier, and the 32 GB is almost obsolete as well.
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