Want To Join The Tesla Full Self Driving Beta? You’ll Have To Prove You’re A Good Driver First

If you’re willing to risk your life for the self-driving gimmick, here’s what you can do to join Tesla’s FSD beta…

According to InsideEVs, Tesla is finally releasing its Full Self Driving (FSD) Beta button. But don’t get too excited (or scared) just yet. It seems like not everyone is eligible for this next step in self-driving cars and only a few can actually avail this feature. In order to activate the button, you need to be a very good driver and get a high score from the new Tesla Safety Score System.

When asked about the minimum score that drivers needed to gain access to the FSD Beta button, Elon Musk remarked, “First few days probably 100/100, then 99, 98, etc.” Easy peasy right?

Even with these precautions and high driving scores, the FSD announcement still received a lot of criticism from the public. Teslarati reported that Richard Blumenthal, the U.S Senator said that “Tesla is putting untrained drivers on public roads as testers for their misleadingly-named, unproven system — a seeming recipe for disaster.” This statement seems a bit contradictory to how Tesla is approaching this new installment as it has made it clear that the drivers need a pretty high score in the test before they can be eligible for the FSD Beta button.

Brooks Weisblat from DragTimes demonstrated the new Safety Score system as he drove a Model S Plaid and tried to achieve a score of 100 but unfortunately, he used the brakes abruptly when a car stopped in front of him, thereby losing some points in the process. He also lost a few points for following too close to another car and turning too fast. Frankly, the test seems harder than getting your normal driver’s license.

It seems like the scoring system itself is in the development stages as it did not remove points for driving too fast, ignoring the red lights and not using the turn signals. Tesla should probably test the testing system before it can test the drivers.

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