This Amazing New Kit Allows You To Convert Your Old Foldable Bike Into An Ebike

Swytch has designed a kit for the owners of foldable Brompton bikes. You just need to follow the instructions with the parts provided. Once you connect the battery and pedal, the power pack finds the best power to deliver to the motor based on the selected power level. when you stop pedaling, power is cut.

It has a light and fast body. The retail price is £999. You can pre-order and wait for long and get it for half the price too. There is also a 1-year warranty and lifetime technical and customer support for life. It covers replacement parts, collection for repairs, and comes with free live video support calls from Swytch’s engineers. 

swytch conversion kit brompton

The kit has a 29.5 ft-lbs (40Nm) brushless motor. It also has a control algorithm that has zero drag. The battery is lithium-ion and is detachable. The kit fits the bike forks of 100 mm (3 and 15/16 inches) and is compatible with most gear types like derailleur and hub gears with silver or black colors. It can be charged in two hours. It can reach a speed of 20 mph (32 km/h). Swytch eBike Converter Kit can be customized too.

The swap-in motor wheel can be ordered in your preferred size. The bike kit has extras as well. For example, there is an option to order a variety of handlebar throttles for the converter kit. It can be twist control or thumb throttle. 

 Twist control attaches directly to the handlebars and allows you to power the motor with a simple twist of your wrist while the other uses a spring-loaded thumb lever to prefer the same action. It is better for more free spaces for handlebars.

There is also the Swytch’s purpose-built brake sensor add-on. The motor senses that the brakes have been applied, it automatically cuts off the power to the motor, even if you are peddling. This function is great for adventure cyclists, or if you find yourself in slow-moving traffic. 

The brake sensor is compatible with wired and hydraulic brakes as well. 

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