This Company In The UK Has Revealed A Hybrid Car That Is Also A Bike

What’s next? A bus that is also an airplane?

As the world is shifting towards electric vehicles or EVs, more importance is being given to ease of mobility. The good ol’ days of heavy combustion engines are behind us as the world is getting ready to welcome the Ryzr, the latest installment from the new startup, E.

In the past two years, there was a huge influx of bicycle sales as more and more people opted for independent mobility solutions. Keeping this in mind, R designed Ryzer, a hybrid car that offers the same thrill as cycling but with a more relaxed, car-like seating comfort.

The futuristic design was brought to life by London-based SAIC Design. The Ryzer sports twin seats separated by a central spine and lets you take in your surroundings and views which is not possible in the conventional car. The front wheels stay apart like regular cars but the back wheels can be adjusted according to the user’s needs, giving them more control over the vehicle.

Unlike a typical car, the steering wheel is mounted in the center but can be switched to either side depending upon who wants to be the driver. It’s hard to believe that this vehicle is electrically charged as it does a great job at hiding the engine and the nitty-gritty mechanics.

What’s the point of a futuristic-looking EV if it doesn’t have a futuristic starting system? Instead of a remote-controlled key, SAIC plans to activate the vehicle with a RYZR Smart-JKT jacket. That’s right, say goodbye to using a key to start the engine, just wear the jacket and seat in the car and voila! You’ll have full access to the car’s controls. That sounds like something straight out of a sci-fi movie.

More details on the project will be revealed by SAIC Design in the future as it’s still in the works. We know you can’t wait to see this car-cum-bike soon on the streets, just don’t forget to wear a helmet.

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