Use This Device To Protect Your Data Over Public Wifi


The internet has indeed made our lives easier for us in every turn. We can access huge amounts of information within seconds. Communication with our friends and family is mostly carried out over the internet so reaching them through phone or mail sounds very absurd now. With all the comforts that internet brought, there were also some issues that the modern tech brought with it. Data theft and system infiltration is now an increasing crime all over the world.

Using a simple code that consists of a few lines, a hacker can easily break through the standard firewall and can get your banking information, browsing history, personal log-in credentials and can even access your systems built-in camera without letting you know. These dangers increase much more when you are working over a public WiFi source. For this reason, the Keezel Safe Internet Device has been launched to protect the data of those who work on the go. It comes with a top-notch lifetime subscription of VPN. This intelligent device seamlessly encrypts any public WiFi signal and secures all of the devices that are connected. It is available on sale for just $399 for a limited time.

Whether you are using a laptop, a tablet, a phone or any other device that works over a WiFi, the Keezel Safe Internet Device will keep all the data that you are transferring secure. All the known malicious websites and malware ads will be blocked on your browser and your public IP will be replaced with a random number as well. This ensures that you cannot be tracked and your location stays anonymous. Apart from saving you from an unknown government agency, if you are on their hit list lets say, this anonymous location will help you keep away from marketing companies and won’t make you their target.

The also Keezel helps to bypass the internet filters while you are traveling abroad, so you can keep up with your work and other online content overseas as well. The device will keep all your devices safe and also comes with a lifetime of service. It ensures your online safety and is also available for sale, what other reasons do you need to buy it?


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