Elon Musk’s Boring Company Just Introduced Its First Flamethrower


Elon Musk surely deserves the title of ‘eccentric billionaire’ if you look at all his plans and everything that he is doing. Plans to dig tunnels, the creation of supersonic travel pods, inhabiting and colonizing Mars and then loading his own Tesla Roadster into the most powerful rocket of the world. Musk has now entered the game of flamethrower as well. Like few of his other ventures, it is hard to tell if he is serious about selling his flamethrower or not.

He posted a video on his Instagram on the weekend which is showing The Boring Company CEO, firing up a flamethrower and running around with it. On The Boring Company’s website, there is a separate page for those who want to preorder the gun for themselves. The flamethrower is currently priced at $500. There is also another page right under it to place an order for The Boring Company’s fire extinguisher for $30. In case you set your friend on fire while playing.

Musk tweeted about the gun saying that he plans to produce around 20,000 of the gun. He also said that the rumors that he will start a zombie apocalypse to “generate demand for flamethrowers are completely false” also, “you’d need millions of zombies to call it an apocalypse.”

Thousands of people have already appeared to pre-order the flamethrower implies that it is a real product. The Boring Company says that the shipping of the flamethrower will begin in the spring.

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