Turns Out The CEO Of X Doesn’t Even Have It On Her Homescreen

In a recent appearance at Vox’s exclusive Code Conference, the newly-appointed CEO of the social network formerly known as Twitter, Linda Yaccarino, inadvertently sparked speculation and intrigue regarding her digital preferences. As she proudly displayed her smartphone to the crowd, keen observers noticed a notable absence—the X app was seemingly missing from her iPhone’s home screen.

Photographs captured during her presentation revealed icons for Facebook and Instagram, apparent competitors to X, conspicuously displayed on her home screen. However, the rebranded black-and-white X app, representing her own platform, was nowhere to be seen. Alongside these social media applications, a Bible app and the encrypted messaging app Signal were noticed, drawing attention to Yaccarino’s digital choices.

Of particular interest was the absence of the X app given its role as the centerpiece of her role as CEO. This raised questions regarding her level of engagement with the platform, especially in the context of its rebranding and her responsibility as the leader of the organization.

Further intrigue stems from Yaccarino’s appearance at the conference coinciding with an in-depth Financial Times interview. In the interview, she revealed that X’s owner, Elon Musk, hadn’t informed her of her hiring before announcing it publicly via Twitter. This revelation, coupled with the absence of the X app on her home screen, has led to speculation about her standing within the company and her relationship with Musk.

Linda Yaccarino, an advertising executive at NBCUniversal before assuming her current role, has only been at the helm of X for a short while. Given the unusual oversight and the implications from her FT interview, some have begun to question if she is fully equipped for the demands of her position.

The absence of the X app on Yaccarino’s homescreen has led to conjecture regarding her usage of the platform, leaving industry watchers to wonder if she relies on staff to manage her digital presence. Only time will reveal the true extent of Yaccarino’s involvement with X and her strategies for leading the platform into the future.

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