Toyota Has Once Again Been Ranked As The Worst Automaker On Climate Lobbying In The World

Toyota, renowned for its dominance in the automotive industry, finds itself at the center of criticism yet again in InfluenceMap’s recent report on climate lobbying. This annual evaluation exposes Toyota as the automaker with the most abysmal climate lobbying score and the third-worst 2030 EV production plans among its peers.

InfluenceMap’s assessment doesn’t solely scrutinize the EV strategies of automakers but also delves into their lobbying efforts against climate policies. The study highlights the role of both individual automakers and their participation in trade associations, which amplify their lobbying influence.

Toyota’s consistent bottom-ranking in InfluenceMap’s climate policy engagement rankings reflects its staunch resistance to climate policies. The report underscores the significance of evaluating not only automakers’ EV initiatives but also their endeavors to obstruct government actions aimed at curbing pollution.

The methodology employed by InfluenceMap scrutinizes various facets including organizational lobbying, membership in trade associations, lobbying intensity, and EV manufacturing plans. Tesla, despite leading the list, received a ‘B’ score primarily due to its comparatively lower lobbying engagement.

Other automakers such as Ford, GM, VW, and Mercedes were acknowledged for sporadic positive actions. Nevertheless, the majority failed to achieve satisfactory scores, with Japanese automakers consistently ranked at the bottom, reflecting the sluggish pace of electrification in Japan’s automotive industry.

Regarding production plans, most automakers fall short of commitments compatible with the International Energy Agency’s target of 66% EVs by 2030, essential for mitigating climate change. Toyota, though not at the absolute bottom, stands out for its aggressive negative climate lobbying, securing its position as the worst automaker for climate concerns once again.

This evaluation shows how crucial it is for car manufacturers, especially big ones like Toyota, to change their plans to match global climate goals. Predictions say we won’t make enough electric cars to meet climate targets, so it’s urgent for the car industry to focus more on sustainable ways. The report reminds us how important car companies are in shaping climate rules and why they need to care more about the environment than making quick money.

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