This New OLED Display By LG Beats The Apple Vision Pro In Pixel Density

LG Display is leading a transformative shift in the VR domain through the creation of an innovative OLED panel, leveraging silicon chip manufacturing methods to elevate on-screen pixel density to unprecedented heights.

Revealed at the esteemed SID Display Week in San Jose, California, LG’s “micro OLED” panel marks a groundbreaking stride in display technology, boasting an exceptional pixel-per-inch (ppi) density of 4,175, outstripping the widely acclaimed Apple Vision Pro with its 3,386ppi.

Central to LG’s micro OLED panel is its capacity to deliver stunning visuals, characterized by an impressive brightness capability of up to 10,000 nits, establishing a new standard in display luminosity. Despite its compact size of merely 1.3 inches, this panel excels in generating vivid and immersive imagery, signaling a significant advancement in visual fidelity within the VR realm.

Demonstrated within a VR headset at the SID Display Week, LG’s micro OLED technology effectively combats the notorious “screen door effect,” a persistent issue afflicting conventional displays by eradicating visible pixel lines, thereby enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Although attempts to capture the panel’s brilliance in photographs proved futile due to its intense luminosity, LG released a video demonstration showcasing its exceptional 3,840-by-3,840 resolution and vivid color reproduction.

The engineering prowess behind this innovation lies in LG’s strategic decision to integrate the OLED panel onto a silicon wafer substrate, diverging from traditional glass or plastic backplanes. This unconventional approach enables LG to achieve an unprecedented level of pixel density using contemporary chip-making processes capable of etching transistors at nanometer scales across silicon wafers.

However, the integration of the OLED panel with silicon substrates comes with inherent limitations, notably impeding scalability to larger display formats such as televisions. Current chip manufacturing technologies are optimized for producing compact processors rather than expansive display panels. Nonetheless, LG’s micro OLED technology holds immense promise for revolutionizing visual displays in smaller form factors, particularly within the realm of VR headsets.

While the micro OLED panel remains in the research and development phase, LG Display presented additional applications at the Display Week, including a compelling concept utilizing the 1.3-inch screen within a smartwatch to power a captivating 3D display. This innovative concept employs built-in cameras to detect the wearer’s position and adjusts the displayed images to create a mesmerizing 3D effect, exemplifying the boundless potential of micro OLED technology across diverse product categories.

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