Turn Old Tires Into A Beautiful Pond For Your Garden With This DIY

tire fountain DIY8

Old tires are an eyesore in your garages and workshops, and there is hardly anything you can do with them except converting them into swings for your children. With extremely withered tires even that is impossible because the children don’t want to go swing on such a beaten down tire. Many people just want to churn them into the local junkyard, but here we are going to present you with an excellent DIY that will not only get rid of the dirty tire but also lighten up your house from the outside.

So in the start we have tires of various sizes and conditions.

tire fountain DIY8

So you dig holes of different sizes and fill them with sand at the bottom.

tire fountain DIY7

Now you adjust the tire inside.

tire fountain DIY6

Now you get rid of the front area of the tire.

tire fountain DIY5

Now it has a basin shape. See where we are going with this?

Afterwards, you fill it with a pool liner

tire fountain DIY4

Start arranging rocks around the pool.

tire fountain DIY3

You can go with plants as well.

tire fountain DIY2

Now you have your very own little oasis. Kids can swim inside, and it appears so refreshing in the garden.

tire fountain DIY

Further work can be done on this useful DIY. You can add some piping network to create a wonderful fountain appearance. Add a few LED lights and you are good to go with this!


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