This Optimus Prime Styled Birthday Cake Transforms Too

transforming cake

Children and their birthdays are becoming more and more demanding each year. Every kid wants his special day to be perfect, and all the necessary details carried out. However, after seeing this cake, I doubt you need to take care of anything else as this cake is just marvelous, and it will make your child’s birthday very memorable. No doubt you will be given the honorary position of the best parent ever as well!

So this cake was made by the Youtuber Chef/engineer Russelmunro and his wife who was the same guy who presented us with Minecraft blocks. This time he took a giant leap forward and made this awesome transforming cake. At first the cake is in the shape of Optimus’s signature truck, and when the junior is done blowing out the candles, the cake awakens and then transforms into a complete replica of the famous robot leader.

Kids have these little experiences of happiness and excitement that make their lives memorable. If you want to know how it is built, the same Youtuber has uploaded another video on how achieve the perfect transforming cake, so do check it out.

Keep in mind one thing, though, if you can’t make it, don’t let your little ones see it or else he won’t settle for anything less than that!

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