This Guy Uses A 1000 degree Glowing Knife To Cut A Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

glowing knife v:s samsung s6

It’s probably not a very bright idea to put Samsung phones near glowing, hot objects; but anything for YouTube fandom, right? So here’s another “experiment” by MrGear with their famous 1000 degree glowing knife!

The people at MrGear probably have spent more money on their videos than the temperature of the knife itself, but none more expensive and outrageously vain than this one. It was utter heartbreak when some sadistic YouTuber put a Nokia 3310 under a hydraulic press, but seeing a $800 odd phone being madly devoured by a raging knife is even worse!


Nokia 3310 Vs Hydraulic Press – This Is The Battle Of The Century

The video also featuresgroundbreakingg scientific experiments such as Knife vs. plastic hand, Knife vs. frozen bottle and Knife vs. jello. But if the YouTuber were savvy enough to use a Galaxy Note 7 instead, he wouldn’t even need a glowing hot knife to blow things up!

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