This Artist Creates Soundwave Tattoos That You Can Listen To

Sounwave audible tattoos (2)

Tattoos are considered a mode of communication, some get them for the fun of it, but to some people, these show a deep-rooted emotion. Not that they were not terribly expressive already, a new mix of technology and tattoo art has led to creation tattoos that will speak volumes, quite literally. Now you do not just get to look at tattoos you can even listen to them through a smartphone app.

Skin Motion

Two friends went to the tattoo parlor of a Los Angeles-based tattoo artist Nate Siggard, to get the opening line of Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer” inked on their body. When Nate’s girlfriend suggested that it would be nice if you could actually listen to the line, and it sprang the idea of audible tattoos in his mind, and he did not leave it at that.

With a little more work, Siggard found out a way by which he could sound wave tattoos. If you could ink the computer-generated sound waves on the skin, you could listen to it, and he tried it on himself first. He made Soundwave tattoo of his girlfriend’s and his baby’s voice and posted on Facebook. The posts went viral in no time, and he got blasted with requests of getting such tattoos. This broughtSkin Motion, a soundwave tattoo company to life.

Skin Motion

The idea brings together the traditional inking techniques with sound tech. The Skin Motion website lets you create a minute long wave pattern of any sound you want to get. A certified Skin Motion artists can get this sound pattern tattooed on your skin. Once that is done, the company will add an overlay 24 hours later that your smartphone camera can read, playing out the audio for you to listen.

Skin Motion

The smartphone Skin Motion app is under development, and the launch is expected in June 2017. Nate does not want the technology to stay limited to Los Angeles, so he is partnering with tattoo artists around the world to build a network of certified Skin Motion artists, that will be authorized to give people the trademark “soundwave tattoos.” As of now, the Skin Motion app is compatible only with the particular designs by Skin Motion. The founder and his team are working to improve the app to work as a general sound wave reader.

Tattoos are definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, but knowing you can listen to the ink on your body does make them a tad bit more desirable. Does the new concept make you want to get one? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Skin Motion

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