Travel Around With Style Using This Suitcase That You Can Ride

Suitcase Scooter

Travelling with luggage can be a pain and that is when one learns to appreciate the practicability of suitcases with wheels. However, if you found those useful, then wait till you check this latest invention; a suitcase that you can drive! Yup, that’s right; we are talking about a suitcase, which you can drive at 12 Mph for about 37 miles with a friend accompanying you on a single charge.Suitcase Scooter 3

The drivable suitcase has been created by Chinese inventor; He Liangcai. The gadget weighs about 15 pounds and is battery operated. It has a burglar alarm and a GPS navigation system as well. Basically the gadget is an electric scooter and a suitcase has been attached to it. The user can sit on the suitcase and make use of the handlebars which have a throttle, brake and light switch. While giving a demonstration, Mr. Liangcai was able to ride his invention for a distance of 7 miles.Suitcase Scooter 4

Reportedly, it took him about 10 years to come up with this prototype. This is not the first invention by Chinese inventor. Back in 1999 he designed a car safety alarm, which won him an award. He came up with the idea for this suitcase scooter when he lost his suitcase while traveling to US to collect his award. TOPSHOTS-CHINA-AUTO-INVENTION-LEISUREYou’d be surprised to know that he has very little education (formal) and is a farmer by profession.

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