24 Tricks That Will Make Your Grocery Items Last Longer

storing bananas

For all those who like to cook but are frustrated because of how the grocery items go bad; we have compiled a list of 24 tips that will help you keep a number of items fresh over a larger span of time.

24. Storing Mushrooms24. Storing Mushrooms

Store the mushrooms in a paper bag in the fridge since a plastic bag will accumulate moisture resulting in moulding of mushrooms.

23. Nuts23. Nuts

The fix for storing nuts longer is simple; roast them. Roasted nuts are richer in flavor and can be kept for a longer span of time.

22. Ginger storing22. Ginger storing

Freezing ginger allows for easier grating and storage for a longer time period.

21. Plastic Bags Fix21. Plastic Bags Fix

Refer to the picture and you’ll get the idea. However, you need to be sure that the contents are completely dry before you seal the cap.

20. Onions20. Onions

Store the onions in pantyhose to keep them fresh for as long as 8 months.

19. Clean your fridge19. Clean your fridge.

Make sure that you clean the fridge if anything goes bad in it. Use vinegar for this purpose.

18. Mason jars18. Mason jars

Make use of jars to store items instead of plastic Tupperware.

17. Tin foil17. Tin foil

You should wrap celery, broccoli and lettuce in tin foil. This allows for them to stay crisp for more than 4 weeks.

16. Keep your salad lettuce fresh16. Keep your salad lettuce fresh

You should either make use of paper towel or salad spinner to keep the salad free of moisture, hence lengthening the time it can be stored without an incident.

15. Bananas15. Bananas

Take out the plastic wrap and wrap the crown of the bunch of bananas. This will allow you to store them for 3-5 days longer than usual.

14. Store asparagus14. Store asparagus

For asparagus; cut the stems and place them in water before wrapping them in a plastic bag and then place the assembly in refrigerator. This allows for them to stay crisp for more than a week.

13. Herbs13. Herbs

Place fresh herbs in olive oil and freeze them. This will allow you to store them and use them efficiently. However; dill, basil and mint should always be used when fresh.

12. Cheese12. Cheese

Wrap opened cheese in wax paper or cheese paper before enclosing it in a plastic bag. Store it in the warm part of the fridge.

11. Cheese Again11. Cheese Again

Apply some butter to the cut side of the cheese; this will prevent it from drying out.

10. One rotten apple spoils the Whole Bunch10. One rotten apple spoils the Whole Bunch

True! Take out the rotten apple and throw it away.

9. Storing potatoes9. Storing potatoes

You should store potatoes with apples in order to keep them from sprouting.

8. Onions and Potatoes8. Onions and Potatoes

Speaking of potatoes; do not store them with onions. Onions can survive for 2-3 months if placed in a cool, dry place with good air circulation.

7. Leftover Guacamole7. Leftover Guacamole

Have some left over guacamole? Spray it with oil before you put it in the fridge.

6. Berries6. Berries

Make a mixture with ten parts water and one part vinegar. Put the berries in the mixture and swirl them for sometime before draining, rinsing and placing them back in fridge. This will allow for the berries to last more than one week without getting soft. Also, the mixture is dilute so you won’t taste the vinegar in berries.

5. Fresh Herbs Anyone?5. Fresh Herbs Anyone

Cough up some money and purchase the Herb Savor; it will allow your herbs to survive for about three weeks.

4. Oily herbs

4. Oily herbs

For oily herbs; tie them loosely with string and let them hang in open air.

3. Delicate herbs3. Delicate herbs

For delicate herbs; join them like flowers followed by covering them with plastic and securing the assembly with a rubber band before refrigerating it.

2. Ethylene gas absorber2. Ethylene gas absorber

A set of 3 will cost you around $16, totally worth the magic these little things do! They will absorb the ethylene emitted by fruits and vegetables which translates into 3 times longer storage period.

1. Green Onions1. Green Onions

Dry the green onions completely and then freeze them in a plastic bottle.


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  1. ingrid glodde Reply

    Hi and hello…. I am 64 and learned a lot. 🙂 Many thanks for all this good informations, because I know why my potatoes don’t like to live a long time in my pantry.
    Regards from Berlin

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