Transactional Messages: Definition, Advantages, Specific Features

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The role of SMS in marketing

Mobile technologies have extensively broadened the opportunity of communication between customers and business organizations. SMS has remained a reliable and fast method to share urgent information. This article explains the meaning and benefits of transactional messages and illuminates their core difference with promotional SMS.

Transactional messages: definition, purpose, and types

Transactional messages or transactional SMS are automatically generated text messages. Organizations send them to their customers, aiming to support them and guide future cooperation. These messages do not relate to marketing strategies or promotional content, functioning as a response to the customer’s actions.

The most spread transactional SMS are:

  • state of order: online stores often use them to confirm the order or provide shipping details, supporting a customer till the package receiving;
  • receipt: business companies betake to electronic documents when experiencing printing problems at the office or during online bargains, which makes printing a receipt impossible;
  • automatic financial reports: sending the recurrent billings information helps clients to stay organized;
  • delivery alert: each shipping company informs the customers about the cargo arriving, inviting them to visit the office;
  • booking notification: customers with multi-tasks schedules estimate the SMS reminders to remember about appointments;
  • Password information: enhanced security level has become accessible thanks to SMS, which an Internet user may use for signing in, payments confirmation, etc.

Transactional messages serve various purposes according to the type of product or service: from welcome or onboarding to security. Whenever you want to get attention to your system, this type of immediate information fits the best. 

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Advantages of transactional messages

Transactional messages are helpful for both correspondents: business owners can manage better business control while customers get handy step-by-step guidance. The prime benefits of this technology are:

  1. Rapidity. The immediacy of the SMS and quick reading by a customer allows passing time-sensible data, which other types of information sharing ways can not provide.
  2. Comfort. Since each person on the planet has a mobile phone, sending and receiving messages is convenient anywhere in the world. The absence of additional data connections but mobile one is ideal for people out of the Internet zone.
  3. Delivery. Due to extensive filtering of the e-letters, most automatically generated letters with important information get to spam boxes, creating breakdowns in a conversation between a business owner and a company. SMS dismisses the annoying filters and delivers the information to the addressee.
  4. Minimal costs. SMS sent by a company is free for a customer or included in the service price at low costs.

According to statistical reports, over 90 percent of people read transactional messages within the first three minutes. The open rate is almost 100 percent which significantly prevails over E-mail marketing technologies. With using mobile gadgets for about 3-4 hours per day, the probability of reaching the target audience via transactional SMS is very high. Transactional messages are mutually beneficial for the sides, helping customers to puzzle out what to do next, protect their private and financial data, and create a respectful image for a company at the same time.

The difference between transactional and promotional messages

The otherness between transaction and promotional messages is at its core: promotional messages aim to offer a product service, discount, and other engaging proposals. The 

sales text message examples are:

  • any discount;
  • sales promotion;
  • flash sales;
  • any advertisement;
  • event invitations;
  • holiday campaigns.

A couple of live samples are:

  • Let’s celebrate World Children Day with 15 % off on all kids’ articles in our store! The promotion ends September 23, 12 pm CET;
  • You still have the chance to get your flaming hot merchandise with a 15% discount until September 14, 9 am CET;
  • International Picnic Day! Pack your basket with our picnic items and have your dinner outside!
  • Participate in celebrations: show us your hottest photo with our brand on! Post a photograph of your most fiery merchandise in your story, tag, and get a discount.

Business owners use all possible ways to spread these messages: Internet posts and banners, SMS, electronic letters, leaflets, etc. Some of these promotions are annoying, and clients disregard them. Another group of people finds them useful, especially in the holidays season, and uses the opportunity to purchase goods or order services at a favorable price. 

Writing messages for promotion

Writing a promotional message consider the following:

  • introduce yourself to customers;
  • write in short for quick and convenient reading;
  • use electronic letters for long promotional;
  • add an image, graphic files: these are more winning than a text;
  • insert call-to-action appeal;
  • mention the complete links in electronic letters instead of link shorteners.

Usually, subscribers get promotional E-mails. Mobile messages arrive at those who provided the mobile number and allow the data processing.

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Choosing a professional, reliable, and stable partner for crafting promotional messages is essential for successful business development and effective communication with customers. SMS and E-mail marketing do excellent work, treating their customers with various attractive offers. Having gadgets in their hands during working time or in their leisure sticks them to the communication.

While SMS provides prompt information, E-mail promotional campaigns include more broad text to read. Combining these two ways of communication will serve as an agent to keep in touch with the clients regularly, representing the company respectfully.

Either you want to draw people to your web page, send them the freshest offers, raise awareness about your goods or service, engage them in a process, correctly written content is a perfect solution. Entrust it to the professionals to be maximally objective and get the desired results.

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