This New Camper Pod Can Turn A Cybertruck Into An RV

There is a new camper that is made to go with the Cybertruck that has a carbon fiber box that fits between the bed walls before expanding electrically into a hard-walled hut for all-electric camping. It is brought forward by a but California startup Form Camper.

Tesla’s cybertruck is not like the others and this is why the company made a basic rectangular box sized to fit between the sides of virtually any pickup bed. The box extends as a separate space for staying in from the back. It will have 71 square feet (6.6 sq m) of total floor space along with two nylon-ripstop canopies that will cover the space.

It resembles the functioning of the ioCamper and has an interior like the newly introduced Flip90 truck camper. It will be able to be on its own and the truck can go around freely.

It will be set up in five minutes. A double bed will be able to get folded, and the kitchen slides out. This makes room for expansion. The kitchen also has a refrigerator and drawers.

Tesla has a few ideas for the Cybertruck bed, including offering the Cyberquad as an accessory to accompany the truck

The Form camper is supposed to be LPG-free as it will be powered with a battery. A 400-watt roof-integrated solar charging system will prolong battery life and off-grid autonomy. The vehicle has 189 liters of freshwater below the bed and a reverse-osmosis system to purify water.

The model’s structure is made up of aluminum honeycomb between carbon fiber, keeping the predicted dry weight down to 1,000 lb (454 kg) and tank-filled wet weight to 1,300 lb (590 kg). it will be of one size only, 9.8 x 4.4 x 3.4 feet (300 x 135 x 102 cm) when packed as a box.

A better look at the full multi-slide kitchen block and cushioned bench/wet bath

The company is marketing the product with the Cybertruck and making it rely upon the promising design of the F-150 and Chevy Silverado. The starting model of the camper will not be able to be used with the Rivian R1T because the bed is just 4.5-ft.

The prototype will be ready by mid-2022. The production of 500 models will be started at the end of 2022. The rental price will be around US$69,500. There is a discount between $5,000 and $20,000 for people who will preorder.  the lowest price will be $49,500 that needs a $10,000 deposit and will only be offered in quantities up to 25 units.

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