This New Linear Compressor Can Drastically Reduce Power Consumption By ACs

According to the IEA, fans and air conditioners make up percent of global electricity consumption and with growing heat and population, the percentage is going to escalate. This will take a toll on the earth’s atmosphere.

Magtor’s Magtorpressor is a device that is made by a Maltese company, and it states that its compressor gives 90 percent more pressure than the average air compressor in the same power usage. Also, it gives 29 percent more than the best machines present in the market at the moment.

The machine uses a linear oscillating design capable of compressing air in both directions as it moves back and forth. It does not use the conventional rotating crank and piston assembly present in other machines.

It comprises two round magnetic plates that are connected in the center through a rod that is made to transmit magnetic forces in both directions. These run through the middle of a large stator, the same diameter as the plates. The two plates joined by the rod comprise the single moving part in this design; there are no bearings or lubrication required.

With springs and pump valves on either end, the Magtor pump becomes a two-way air compressor

When voltage is provided to the system, it moves the piston in the direction that is enabled by the polarity of the voltage. If plugged into the AC, it will complete a cycle in both directions rapidly.

Magtor states that it is “the world’s first high-energy bi-directional linear electric motor,” and stresses that this is not an “unrolled” stator/rotor combination, nor does it use permanent magnets moving inside the electromagnet as with other linear motor designs.

The final output is in the form of a machine that functions faster as compared to the conventional compressors. Also, it uses less power and does not need more power when the load increases.

It can replace regular compressors but at the moment, the company is looking to collaborate with large manufacturers that can bring the Magtorpressor to market pre-built into A/C units, fridges, traditional compressors, or other devices that require such efficiency.

The average saving of a German household with this compressor will make a saving of almost US$91 and $240 a year on energy bills.

The company recently won a Solar Impulse 2021 Efficient Solution award, and it’s also one of 26 companies selected to pitch clean tech designs at the Greenbackers Investment Capital “26 for COP26 SuperPitch Program” in Glasgow this month.

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