MacBook For Education: Pros And Cons

Macbooks are laptops that are becoming increasingly popular among learning teenagers. Today we have to find out if they are worth spending thousands of dollars on. If, for example, we know that if we pay for the editing of an essay by, we will have a good grade at school or university. So let’s also deal with the characteristics of MacBooks.

The perfect laptop – that’s how the MacBook is described in a nutshell. Lightweight, functional and stylish, the gadget of this series has held the position of a bestseller in its price category for several years.

6 reasons to buy a MacBook

“Air” laptop has a relatively low price as for “apple” products. At the same time, the laptop boasts a lot of advantages:

– high level of productivity – even when working with complex programs, the device heats up a bit, but it works quickly and efficiently;

– compactness – the weight of the laptop slightly exceeds 1 kg, and thinness – allows you to comfortably fit the device in a bag;

– the presence of USB-ports – this is a small advantage at first glance – allows you to forget about large and expensive adapters;

– long autonomous work – manufacturers declare 12 hours of work without recharging, and even at the strengthened mode the laptop is capable to “last” 8 hours;

– fast recharging – about an hour is enough to charge a fully discharged device to 100%;

-perfect optimization – Basic settings, system operation and memory allow you to not update the operating system for years and rarely restart your laptop.

– it is also important that the macOS operating system is specially developed for the series, which means that you get a laptop with a perfectly adapted “operating system”. Thanks to this, even on models that are several years old, new programs and any updates work flawlessly.

– another advantage is the use of a track pack, which allows you to easily do without a computer mouse. Finally, the laptop boasts a wonderful laconic design, in which every detail is thought out and recognizable corporate “apple” style.

Disadvantages and nuances of the MacBook

Despite the many advantages, it is believed that the era of this line is coming to an end. So if you plan to buy an Apple MacBook in the near future, pay attention to a few nuances:

– the number of ports is limited – in the models you will not find Ethernet and Firewire ports, as well as an optical drive, and only two USB ports;

– Relatively weak video card – the capabilities of the built-in Intel HD Graphics 5000 may not be enough to play powerful video games;

Fixed memory – the RAM in the laptop is soldered, so when you buy you need to immediately determine what amount you need.

– You may also have problems if you want to use applications designed for Windows. However, fans of “apple” products have a lot of programs designed specifically for Apple.

In summary, we can say that the disadvantages of “air” laptops are really insignificant, and the advantages deserve recognition among fans of quality laptops.

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