TrackR Bravo Is World’s Thinnest Tracking Device Ever Produced


If you keep on forgetting and losing things, you might want to give attention to this new tracking device termed as TrackR Bravo.
trackr-bravoThe unique thing about this tracking device is that it is world’s thinnest tracking device ever produced. All you need to have is an attached tag  and you can locate and recover your lost item.

track bravo bagThe diversity of uses that TrackR Bravo provides is because of its ultra small size and ultra thin shape. There are already many tracking devices in the market, but TrackR has an advantage of being ultra thin. This device can be attached to anything that is necessary to be kept track of.  One can make the device ring, and can easily find the forgotten thing.

trackr-bravo-2The device is just 3.5 mm wide and has a diameter of 34 mm. The most amazing thing about this device is that it possesses a huge crowd GPS network. The device has a limited range of only 100 feet and if a person possessing another TrackR is in the range of TrackR attached to the lost item, a message is sent to the user of lost item.

trackr-bravo-6The TrackR has an additional feature of two way monitoring. This is basically the ability of locating an object with the help of a mobile app. Users have also been facilitated by the presence of the “ring” button on the device, which helps them find their phone by making it ring. Tracking device also has the capability to judge when the user is moving away, which makes it to alert the user about the fact that he is going away from the lost item. The presence of distance indicator on the device gives the user a rough estimate about the distance from the item he is trying to find.

trackr-bravo-dogThe tracking device can be connected by various methods. One of the ways include the 3M sticky pad. Metal loop proves to be handy when it comes to attaching the device to key chains. BLE compatibility allows it to be connected through bluetooth headsets. The device depends upon CR1616 changeable battery to work. Summarizing it, its a pretty neat gadget that keeps your valuables safe.

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