PocketScan Is The World’s Smallest Wireless Scanner


As the devices continue to shrink in size, a Swiss software company Dacuda claims to have developed the world’s smallest wireless scanner. Scanners were always thought to be big gadgets placed in one corner of the office. But Dacuda’s SLAM Scan can fit right into your pocket and hence, you can take your office wherever you want.


Like other portable scanners, you have to scroll the device over the document like a paint brush. Meanwhile, a stream of video is captured and the result is instantly displayed on the paired device. The data is transmitted wirelessly via Bluetooth. Dacuda says the ‘device can capture documents at up to 400 dpi, with in-built illumination enabling scanning even in low-light conditions. It can capture any size document up to A3.’

The SLAM Scan software compensates for the human error in hand movement and aligns the overlapping images.

The scanned content is editable! This means you can scan the recipe and add a few secret ingredients before the upload.


SLAM Scan also has a text recognition framework and can translate upto 198 languages!


You can cite tables and charts directly from books.


The scanner makes it possible to scan without the limitations of size.


PocketScan works under both bright and dim light. The content can be shared online via a single click.


The device is compatible with PC, Mac and various iOS and android devices. It can do 400 scans before the need to recharge. Dacuda is currently raising funds on Kickstarter, and its goal is to collect $500,000 to make a text-to-speech enabled mode.

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