Oon Is A Playful New Design For Electrical Cord

Oon by Okum

There is not much you can do with the electrical cords design, is there? The design is as simple as it gets and you just can’t get rid of the eyesore plastic that sits there staring at you all the time. However, a LA design studio by the name of Okum decided it was about time someone changed this particular design and owing to this realization, has come up with a gadget that they call Oon, which is essentially a sculptural power cord that is fun and playful.Oon by Okum 3 Oon by Okum 2 Oon by Okum 4

Oon is made up of three blocks of maple wood with round wooden beads in between. The end product resembles a necklace you’d see being prepared in Art classes, however, this one has a particular application and that is of electrical cord. The cord is fabric wrapped and imparts quite a colorful finish to the whole gadget.Oon by Okum 6 Oon by Okum 5

The design studio basically took a boring everyday use item and transformed it into a fun object that is available for $79, however, we suggest you don’t use it where children are since it resembles a toy for children and may pose a threat.


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