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7 Mathematics Life Hacks That Will Change Your Life

If you consider maths to be hard or too complicated to understand, the odds are that it was the fault of a teacher who taught you in an indifferent and ignorant way, disregarding the pure beauty of the subject. Mathematics is nothing short of poetry in the conscious minds, and the simple tricks we are going to reveal today will hopefully make you feel the same way!

1) Butterfly Method To Solve Fractions:


Why didn’t they teach this at school? Adding or subtracting fractions using the butterfly method makes your life a whole lot easier! Simply, write the fractions side by side, diagonally mark two wings to form an ‘X,’ just like the multiplication sign. Draw two antennas at the top, and write the answers by multiplying the numbers in each wing. Draw the body of the butterfly at the bottom and multiply the two lower numbers. Then, write the answer inside.

Now, add or subtract the numbers written in the antennae (depending on the sign written in between), and you will get the numerator of your answer. The digits inside the body section become the denominator of your answer. Have a look at the example above to get the hang of it.

2) This simple trick reveals which day falls on which specific date during a calendar year!

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Although this one would take more than a few seconds owing to its complexity, however, it’ll surely impress your friends if you could calculate it in your mind. To learn the whole trick, click here.

3) Multiply single digit numbers from 6 to 9 using your hands

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In elementary school, remembering the tables of multiple always resulted in a headache. I wonder why our teachers couldn’t simply teach us this simple trick to calculate the answers.

The trick is to assign the single-digit number 6 to 9 to each of your fingers first. Touch the two fingers together to multiply the assigned numbers. In the above image, we are multiplying 7 and 8 so; we combine their respective fingers. Now, count the fingers below the touching fingers and add one; you’ll get your tens digit of the product. Similarly, for the unit number, multiply the fingers above the combined fingers. Combine both the unit and tens digit to get your answer.

4) How To Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit (or vice versa) in your head

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5) A super easy way to learn the nine times tables!


This picture represents a foolproof way to remember the multiplication table of 9. Simply write the digits from 0 to 9 from top to bottom. Then, to the right of these digits; insert the digits from 9 down till 0. The resulting numbers formed will be your multiples of 9.

6) Percentages will be a breeze after you master this trick!


7) The Backward Zorro


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The ‘backward Zorro’ makes solving fractions easier. Simply sketch a line from the bottom fraction number to the whole number. In the example above, the two numbers are 4 and 24.

We know that 4 times 6 is 24. Keep this answer in your head and draw a line from the whole number to the numerator in the fraction. Take the answer (6) and multiply it by the top number; 6 x 3= 18, which is your final answer. Draw a line from the top fraction number to the answer which creates your backward ‘Z’; the only difference being that Zorro was never this cool!

Have any other cool maths tricks? Comment below!

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