Here are 10 Math Tricks That Will Make You A Mathematical Genius

How to Mathematics b

Many students hate mathematics and in their defense; they were always taught mathematics the hard way. So we have compiled a list of tricks pertaining to mathematics that are bound to make you feel like a genius and a master of mathematics. Have a look and let us know what you think of them!

10. Remembering Which Sign Is Greater Than and Which Is Less ThanHow to Mathematics 10

9. Converting Fahrenheit to CelsiusHow to Mathematics 9

8. Finding Fractions of Whole NumbersHow to Mathematics 8

7. Figuring Out PercentagesHow to Mathematics 7

6. Remembering the Numbers In PiHow to Mathematics 6

5. Multiplying By 11How to Mathematics 5

4. Adding and Subtracting FractionsHow to Mathematics 4

3. Figuring Out Multiples of NineHow to Mathematics 3

2. Multiplying Large Numbers in Your HeadHow to Mathematics 2

1. Figuring Out Multiples of NineHow to Mathematics How to Mathematics a How to Mathematics b How to Mathematics c



  1. shawn Reply

    #8 is not a trick, that’s literally how multiplying fractions work. 3/4 of something is multiplying by 3 and dividing by 4 or vice versa.

  2. Beth Reply

    These tricks are so annoying and mostly not even helpful. It is far easier to learn the mathematical way to do these things. Here’s why.
    1. The hands are just silly. If you know the other times tables then there are only 8 multiplications you need to know. 6×7, 6×8, 6×9, 7×7, 7×8, 7×9, 8×8, 9×9
    2. Multiplying large numbers. No use when you stop using 90s, most people would still struggle to multiply 14 and 13.
    3. Multiples of 9 have digits that add to 9. Add 10, take away 1.
    4. Adding and subtracting fractions is difficult this way. Visually it’s confusing. Get them over the same denominator, then simply add.
    5.multiplying by 11. Why bother? Multiply by ten add it onto one lot.
    6. You only need to “know” lol to 3.141. It’s 3 numbers in an order. Alternatively, 22/7.
    7. How does this work when you have 27%? Multiply by 27, divide by 100. It’s not hard, use columns, Chinese method, grids, I don’t care. Not an unnecessary trick.
    8. What kind of use is a zorro sign?! It is actually harder to remember. Divide by the denominator, multiply by the numerator. It is misleading to colour both 4s in the same colour when they bare no actual relevance to each other in this case. Swap the 2 for 3. 34 isn’t divisible by 4 even though it is ends with a 4.
    9. Multiplying by 2 and adding 30 is not the same as multiplying by 1.8 and adding 32. The example is quite inaccurate in itself. It is lazy.
    10. Crocodiles don’t generally eat things bigger than them.
    I would’ve thought a site promoting engineering would promote proper maths skills and not “tricks”.

  3. Thomas Knowles Reply

    A few of them don’t work, for example, the one for easy 11 times tables works to a point before giving you incorrect answers, generally bigger than the correct answer. The easy big number multiplication might work for the 90’s but as you go further down it stops working.On top of that sometimes the sum of the numbers will be over 100 (e.g. 32*45) and we are actually taught both methods of the nine times tables.

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