These Are The 7 Best Instagram Accounts To Follow If You Love Maths

These Are The 7 Best Instagram Accounts To Follow If You Love Math

Do you have an affinity towards mathematics? If yes, then these seven Instagram accounts are going to be a treat for you. You can use them as inspiration or simply to give a tough time to your students. Check out the following seven Instagram accounts that are a must to follow for anyone who teaches mathematics or likes it.

Kacie Travis (@mmmmkacietravis)

Kacie Travis, a math teacher who is always looking for ways to help others in gaining a better understanding of various mathematics topics. On her Instagram, she is known because of her creative ideas, classroom pictures, and inspirational images. It doesn’t matter if you are a math student or a teacher, Kacie has something for everyone.

Mathgiraffe (@mathgiraffe)

Here is another great Instagram account to follow if you like mathematics. The account is aimed at teachers of mathematics, but it is fun for anyone who likes tinkering with mathematics. The Instagram account says, ‘Math teachers, learn how and why to teach math with CREATIVITY at or click the link to shop creative but rigorous math resources.’

8thgrademathteacher (@8thgrademathteacher)

If you enjoy teaching mathematics, then this is for you. She is always sharing tips and tricks that can make teaching mathematics and learning about it fun. The account also shares pictures of her classroom where you can see the students utilizing her ideas for learning various things.

Ms. Boyers Cabin (@ms_boyers_cabin)

This is another amazing Instagram account for math-enthusiasts. Ms. Boyer is a 5th and 6th Grade math teacher. Her Instagram account is a hub of ideas that can be used for tackling management and organization tasks in an effective manner.

divid3andconquer (@divid3andconquer)

This Instagram account is run by Emma Lurker and provides followers with unique and great teaching strategies. She also shares hilarious math-related memes that are guaranteed to brighten your day.

smithcurriculumconsulting (@smithcurriculumconsulting)

This account is being operated by Jennifer Smith Jochen, M.Ed., and can be best described as an amazing resource for math educators. Jennifer is a Staff Developer and Math Curriculum Designer who is completely invested in inspiring 4-8th-grade teachers.

theunhelpfulteacher (@theunhelpfulteacher)

This Instagram account will help you by humoring you during your never-ending teaching day. It posts not only the annoying things that teacher say but also some of the funniest pictures that you will find on Instagram.

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    What about rizzy_aka_mathbae instagram account?..He produces the most authentic mathematics for High School and University Calculus works and contents.

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