20 Gifs That Will Make You Fall In Love With Mathematics


Mathematics does to the mind what music does to the soul and poetry to the heart! But for someone who has discovered the hidden beauty of mathematics, everything else takes a back seat! Very few people are blessed to have maths teachers who truly appreciate its depth, but the internet has filled up that vacuum to some extent. And as an exhibit, below are 20 of the best Mathematical Graphics Interchange Formats (gifs) that will have you glued to the screen!

1. Algebraic expansion


2. The angles of a polygon (like a hexagon, pentagon or even a decagon) always add up to 360 degrees.

3. Converting Cartesian Coordinates to Polar Coordinates

4. This gif shows how a circle (black) viewed from different vantage points can look like a sine wave (red) or a cosine wave (blue). It also shows the close relation between circular motion and wave-like motion.

5. Here’s the relationship explained a bit more clearly

6. How To Create An Ellipse

7. How to build a Hyperbola

8. How to make a Parabola

9. This figure has been created entirely out of straight lines, and when converted to 3D it yields a Hyperboloid.

10. Logarithmic Equations Made Easy

11. Pascal’s Triangle

12. Pi is the ratio of the circumference of a circle “C” to its diameter “D.”


13. The Pythagorean Theorem explained in the most innovate way!

14. The relationship between two trigonometric ratios, sine, and cosine.

15. The Riemann Sum breaks down to the area under a curve.

16. Trigonometric tangent explained.

17. Tangents made clearer.

18. The Transpose of a Matrix.

19.  Cos And Sin Explained.

20. Only Maths can pass a straight rod through a curve!

Did you spot some gifs which should be added to this list? Let ’em rip in the comments’ section below!


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