Top 7 Best Keyloggers For Android You Should Try

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Everyone who uses a keylogger for Android has their reason or different perspective as to why. There are also chances that you might use a keylogger just for your smartphone and not for someone else. The best keylogger for Android mspy comes with a bundle of dope features. 

A keylogger is an app that records every keystroke made from someone else’s phone and sends you these records on your computer or phone. This is usually achieved in a stealth mode to prevent the other person from knowing that you are capturing their keystrokes.

An Android keylogger will send you various details, including messages typed by others, usernames and passwords, web searches, and everything else typed on the device. If your partner or child is the individual in question, getting this knowledge about them will give you the guarantee that they are on the right path. Using a keylogger app will provide you with control over your child. A keylogger for Android gives you the information you need to make sure your loved ones are secured and help you make informed choices.

Is There Any Keylogger for Android?

Some keyloggers work on Android as well. They do not require extra effort like jailbreaking or rooting for keylogging and other features. An Android keylogger records pressed keystrokes, messages, incoming and outgoing calls, and the inbuilt software. The screenshot capture feature helps you to capture any action on the device’s screen. You’ll know what they’re talking about, their social media messages, their login details for every account, and even what they’re surfing for on the Internet.

What Is the Best Keylogger?

We’ve built a list of the seven best Android keyloggers available for download on the Internet to help you pick the right app:


Among the top keylogging applications for Android, mSpy is the best keylogger for Android you can opt for. The app helps you monitor calls (incoming and outgoing), read instant messages, monitor internet activities, use social media apps, etc. It is an app that block apps and also, the software is compatible with all the new Android models.

There are 2 key subscription plans, basic and premium. 

C:\Users\user\Downloads\mspy keylogger.png

The following features are offered in the basic version:

Access to text messages;

Email access;

Display the call history and list of contacts;

View the history of browsers; 

GPS tracking;

Schedule, notes, and tasks access;

Runs in the background and is invisible 

Modified list of keywords and email updates when keywords on the target device are used. 

Simple installation: To install mSpy, all that is required is a few minutes. 


The second Android keylogger app on our list is Cocospy. Cocospy is a widely trusted app with a number of users consisting of parents, workers, and every individual. It is also one of those uncommon applications that can record keystrokes without jailbreaking the user’s phone. In addition to keylogging, Cocospy provides additional monitoring features such as call monitoring, reading SMS, access to social media, and tracking locations.

The Cocospy Android keylogger can capture login credentials messages, addresses, browser search history, and more. It operates invisibly, without slowing down the Android device.


Hoverwatch, which provides remote installation on the target phone, is set up and to use. It takes computer screenshots, monitors texts and call logs, records the handset’s GPS location, and monitors applications for instant messaging and social media. You can monitor the content of the keystrokes in text messages or any other form of content, and it notifies you if the SIM card changes. These useful features are the reason it’s on our list of best Android keyloggers.

A little bit of a downside to this is, it does not track almost as many instant messaging apps as its rivals.



iKeyMonitor is another keylogger for Android that can be described as a “powerful tracking app” commonly used by parents who track their kids. This is truly a strong monitoring app that can help you find out what your kids are really up to, thanks to its useful tracking features.

Some of these features include keystrokes capturing and logging, reading text messages, chat messages, websites visited, applications used, calls taken, and locations for GPS. To send you more detail on what your child is doing, iKeyMonitor allows you to take screenshots of the target phone’s display. All the recorded data is accessible for you through a safe online account. You can have logs sent via email to you as well. Unfortunately, the app can be detected a little easier than others, but it uses password protection to avoid unauthorized access to the app.


FlexiSpy is another good parental control keylogger designed to help parents track their children and manage them. You can track chats, emails, media files, and so on with the FlexiSpy Android keylogger. The app can also track social media and locate the target’s phones with GPS tracking.

Highster Mobile 

Highster Mobile is a tracking spyware software for phones that can run on any phone or device. The app provides a competitive range of features, including Android’s keylogger functionality. Phone calls are tracked by the android key logger, and access to high-quality audio, video, and image files is possible.

but unfortunately, there is no free trial nor support.

Spyrix Keylogger

Spyrix Keylogger is a secure keylogger app. It is one of the best for remote control of kids’ phones. The app will track keystrokes. You can monitor web surfing, monitor social media programs, and spy on text messages. And the installation is very easy, and you need to follow the guide provided. After the installation is completed, you can instantly use the software.


Are keyloggers safe?

 Yes. Keyloggers are safe. Due to advanced cyber protection and anti-virus, it has become hard for hackers to function this way, rendering keyloggers extremely safe. Hence no hacker can log in your keylogger to hijack your target’s information.  

Do keyloggers show passwords?

Yes. Keylogging software runs in the background and makes a note of any keystroke you type. The software could search specific text types through the file, such as detecting sequences of characters that look like passwords and sending the info to you.

Can keyloggers detect copy-paste?

Yes, keyloggers can capture any information, no matter how concealed it can be. They also monitor clipboard activities (cut, copy, and paste).


Those are the awesome Android keyloggers that you can use to spy on the smartphone of another user. Each keylogger explained above is excellent for spying on an Android device, but mSpy is the best out of all. The Android keylogger app is not only strong; it is economical and can be set up in minutes. 

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