5 Facts Everyone Should Know About Plumbing


The lockdown that has kept us locked for months must surely have made you crazy for no house help was available. The only way to solve your problems was by being self-reliant.

Right from your normal household chores to cooking food for yourself, everything was a part of your daily task list. Rightly said, “there is no dependence that can be sure but a dependence upon one’s self”.

When we have already learned a lesson then why not go a step further by knowing a few facts about a household basic known as Plumbing. I am sure most of us have at least tried it once at some point in our lives and for the lucky ones who didn’t, had to try it in the lockdown.

Here are few facts everyone should know about plumbing:

1. Knowing the Source of Water

It is very usual that you receive your water from either of two sources: a residential well and private pump or a city water line. Normally, the residents of rural areas have well water that is brought to home via a pump, and hence, no water bill is issued. In contrast, urban residents have to pay for gallons of water usage and usually receive a monthly or quarterly bill.

2. Testing of Water Quality

A very important piece of information you must be aware of is the availability of water in your city or area. Most people conduct tests when they shift from one place to another but according to a study, experts say that you should test well-water at least once per year.

This is because a lot of components can change due to different supply or treatment, soil shifts, and artificial processes used in agricultural or industrial businesses in a particular region.

A survey says that globally, at least 2 billion people use a drinking water source contaminated with feces.

3. Locating and Turning Off your Water Mains

Just like your electricity supply has mains that control the input of the power supply, similarly, every house has a water main which usually resembles a wheel or bar-type level. There is almost always a main valve near the street, and sometimes a secondary in or around the house, usually found in the basement.

If the water resembles a wheel, you need to turn it clockwise slowly until it stops and if it resembles a bar-type lever, you need to push right (or down) until it stops.

If confused about whether the water is shut or not, you can test it by trying to run water at a sink or washbasin.

4. Scrutiny of the Water Meter and Bill

For residents residing in rural areas, you must not worry about this. But those residing in urban areas and have a city water supply, you must know that there exists a meter for your individual home close to your place or might be near the street under a metal covering.

After you have found your water meter, you must know how to read it because this not only helps you monitor the water usage but also helps you to cut your expenses.

A lot of people show interest in knowing how the water is metered and when are the meters checked. This actually gives you the account of how much you actually are paying per gallon of water.

5. Finding Hidden Water Leaks

We all are aware that almost every item at our place ranging from wooden beams, drywall, to carpets, gets damaged because of hidden leaks. Similarly, plumbing accessories like pipes are prone to hidden leaks and this ultimately damaged the products.

How to find hidden leaks? You can test your accessories to check whether it has hidden leaks by checking your meter. You just need to make regular checks of the water meter and it will help you spot problems early.

Firstly, ensure that all indoor and outdoor taps are turned off tightly. Choose a time slot when you will not need water and for at least 15 minutes or longer if possible. Now, compare the numbers on your water meter at the start and end of the time period. This is how you find hidden leaks.

Over to you…

So, these were a few facts about plumbing that every individual must know. If you want to go through the best plumbing accessories then check out Australia’s largest plumbing and bathroom supplies business, you must visit Reece Plumbing and Bathrooms.

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