Tips For Buying A New Dump Truck

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If you are looking to add a dump truck to your fleet of company vehicles, you have a variety of options. You can buy a new one that comes complete with a warranty, or you can buy used and save some cash. 

My Little Salesman has been in business since 1958 and online for 20 years and offers a trusted, knowledge-based solution for those looking to purchase dump trucks among other items from other sellers. Formerly in catalogue format, My Little Salesman has grown and they now offer a comprehensive listings site with thousands of items for sale across the nation. They know the ins and outs of the business and know what to look for when buying a dump truck for your own endeavours.

We discussed matters with them. So, if you will be looking to save cash and buy a used vehicle, there are some important things to remember. 

Buying a used dump truck will only be the economical option if the truck is in good conditions and selling for a fair price.  Here are some professional tips from My Little Salesman on shopping for a used dump truck.  

Run a history check 

One of the first and most important things to do will be to run a history check on the dump truck. You will know exactly what you are buying if you know about the history of the dump truck. It is important to know why a truck is selling for the price they are asking. Dump trucks for sale that have a history of strain and damage may succumb to failures more quickly than one that has been well-maintained and properly used.   

By the same measure, you will want to ask to see the maintenance record applied to the truck you are considering. If it has received regular tune ups and proper component replacements as needed, it is probably in pretty good conditions. You will also want to know what parts of the truck are in the worst conditions and need to be replaced the soonest. You will also know that your purchase is of a higher value if there are various components that have been recently replaced.  

The oil change records are of equal importance. An engine that has had its oil changed regularly will be less likely to develop failures in the future. Find out if the truck has been in any accidents and what exactly happened. The extent of the damage done will play an important role in the stability and longevity of the vehicle. 

Perform a quality inspection 

After you have explored the history of the vehicle to some depth, it will be time to explore the quality and conditions of the dump truck as well. The first place to look will be the conditions of the oil. Look over the outside and inside of the truck, if there are spots of rust and damage, this could be an indication that the truck was not well-maintained.  

It is a good idea that this task is done during the day so you can take advantage of maximum visibility and illumination. Look over the exterior of the truck very carefully and look for any signs of damage that could indicate the occurrence of an accident, impact or other damage.   

Then look at the tread on the tires. This is sometimes overlooked, but getting new tires for a dump truck is a pretty larger figure in itself. Ask how many miles these tires have on them and try to figure out when they will need to be replaced. Factor that into your plans to buy this truck.  

The mileage is another important thing to consider when buying a dump truck as it can be a good indicator of the quality and service life that the truck has. If you will be using dump trucks over long distances, this is certainly something you will need to check out. Still, it is better that the truck was well-maintained than has low mileage.  

Assess its mechanical operation 

The next important thing to understand about your dump truck will be from the operational and mechanical perspective. The first thing to inspect will be the axle configuration in comparison to the loads you will be hauling from here to there. This can involve a variety of factors and it may be best to ask the help of an expert on the topic to help you decide what is the best option for you.  

The transmission and horsepower are another two important aspects of the truck’s service that will be important to consider. Transmission can be either automatic or manual. Automatic transmission more costly, but can make your dump trucks easier to operate. Manual transmission is cheaper to own and maintain, but can be inconvenient. 

When looking at dump trucks for sale it will be important to have each of these aspects inspected by a professional truck mechanic to make sure every aspect is properly assessed. 

Plan ahead 

As soon as you have a clear idea of the kind of truck you are looking for, you will need to find suitable financing. It will also be an important point to consider where you will be finding the replacement parts you need in the future when servicing and maintaining your dump truck. In regards to your replacement parts, you will want to be sure you have at least two different suppliers who can provide you with the parts you will need.  

When it comes to financing options, you will also need to do some research and shopping as well. For example, there are lenders that will have very specific types of truck they will provide financing for and not others.  

The insurance you will protect your vehicle with is another thing to consider. You will need to have insurance whether it is used or not. Rates will be very different from insurance provider to insurance provider so begin calling up different options for quotes.  

Furthermore, make sure you ask the dealer who sells the truck for a warranty that will provide repairs and service for a specific amount of time. This will reduce many of the costs associated with maintaining your dump truck. You will still need to begin setting aside a budget for the handling of these repairs and services.  

In summary, getting a good used dump truck is not that hard, but it is detailed and meticulous work. Begin with a rigorous research if any truck you are considering, look at current conditions and history. Planning will be important so you will want to know exactly what you are looking for and how you will care, maintain and pay for the truck. Buy from a reputable dealer who provides favorable warranties.

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