When, Where, And How To Use Large Wall Art


Being able to get your hands on some wholesale wall art is no small feat. In fact, finding a large piece of wall art that fits your needs is often pure luck if you do not know where to look. That said, if you happen to find a great wholesaler who has all the prints M pieces you could ever want, it is important to know how exactly to showcase large wall art. Thus, in order to assist you in making the most out of your large piece of art, here is a brief overview of when, where, and how to use large wall art in a variety of spaces. Also there are several design concepts that you can use.

Why Hang Large Wall Art 

Before getting into the particulars, it goes without saying that there are a few reasons to hang large wall art. Maybe you are an artist who is recently painted something, or perhaps you are an avid collector who’s finally gotten their hands on a piece that would look idea in one of your rooms in your house. Better yet, maybe you have always loved a certain piece of artwork, and you finally have the space required to blow the picture up and showcase it in a manner in which it deserves. You may even just want to change the look and feel of your living space and add some simplicity to your décor. Regardless of your reasons, large wall art can be a welcomed addition to a variety of home spaces, especially small ones. In fact, many people utilize large wall art in order to focus on a few large elements, which ultimately makes the entire area feel more open and less cluttered.

Look For Sizable Empty Wall Space 

After finding the large piece of art that speaks to you, next on your to-do list is to find a space within your home that is large enough to support the art itself. Of course, this may mean moving a few things around, including furniture, existing art, and so on. If you are having trouble finding a decent space for your new piece of artwork, you may want to consider areas where you have open space without a lot going on. For instance, consider one of your accent walls, an entryway area, an empty living room wall, or even above your fireplace mantel. Here, the goal is to find an open space that will allow for your art without making the area seem cluttered or disorganized. 

Arrange The Room Around The Art

 Once you have found your space with larger pieces, you definitely want to make sure that the art is the focal point of the room. If this is your first time really designing a space, then you may not be aware of how important it is to properly identify and work with the focal point of that space. So, what exactly is the focal point, then, when it comes to interior designing? Well, the focal point is that one element in the room that immediately draws your attention. Often, working with the focal point means arranging furniture and other items in an almost U-shape around the art if possible. You can also place larger pieces of art above sofas or couches and your bed. Of course, here, the trick is to have the sofa or bed face the painting so that your artwork is still the focal point. 

Get Creative By Breaking Up A Single Piece

 Since going for a more minimalistic look, you may want to consider possibly breaking up a single piece, especially if it takes up most of the wall. The nice thing about breaking up a single piece is by putting different parts of the wall art into separate frames, you achieve a whole different design and visually take said space to the next level. If you do decide to go this route, you should speak with your wholesale wall art specialist about possibly breaking up the pieces and framing them before they are shipped to you. This will make it easier to receive your artwork and hang up the pieces. If you are picking up your paintings, then breaking them into pieces makes them easier to transport now or in the future.

Do Not Be Afraid To Go Three-Dimensional

 Another great way to hang large artwork is to opt for multi-tiered canvases or dimensional panels that essentially stick out from the wall. It may be tempting to play it safe here because you are working with such a large piece of art, but since the artwork is the focal point, no matter how you slice it, you should not be afraid to add a little texture or dimension to the space. Opting for large artwork that sticks out is a great alternative to gallery walls or other layouts that make walls seem cluttered or like the artwork/photos were just thrown together at random.

Look For Pieces That Draw You In

Lastly, if you do not have all your artwork picked out already, then it may be helpful to keep in mind that you should look for pieces that draw you into each space visually. Though this may seem easier said than done, with a little practice, you should have no trouble at all finding large pieces of artwork that highlight your rooms in walls. Here, a few suggestions to keep in mind include nature close-ups, geometric optical illusions, and other types of captivating art pieces that rely heavily on imagery.

How to Hang Large Artwork

Finally, once you are ready to hang your large pieces of art, you should figure out proper placement. After selecting your artwork’s adequate positioning, your next step is to measure for hardware. This involves flipping the artwork over to measure and accurately secure the hanging hardware. Ultimately, once all your measuring is done and you have installed your hanger/hardware, you can now add your new artwork. Remember to make sure your large wall art is level and get ready to enjoy your new space.


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