This Tiny Tank Rover Can Move 9000 Pound Of Trailer Easily

When it comes to parking a large trailer in a tight parking space, even an experienced driver can get into trouble. The new Trailer Valet RVR robot-tank can do the parking for you now. It is a remote-controlled maneuvering car. The RVR looks like one of those RC vehicles which are used as a toy by most of us. However, it is a very strong vehicle and capable of moving trailers. It is capable of moving a trailer as heavy as 9000 pounds.

The trailer needs to be attached to the RVR and can be controlled using a remote. It can be turned and parked in the tight spaces easily. It can be powered by four powerful planetary gear motors and features heavy-duty caterpillar treads.

tank RVR trailer

These treads allow the RVR to do its job on various surfaces. It can move trailers on asphalt, grass, dirt or gravel very efficiently. This is something every modern engine is expected to do.

The tiny trailer Valet RVR comes in three different variants for various needs. The base version has two planetary gear motors and can move 3500 pounds of trailer costs $2100. The second model has three motors and can pull 5000 pounds of weight while it costs $3400. And the RVR which has four gear motors and can move trailers of 9000 pounds costs $4100. All the models are of the same size and can operate for 30 minutes.
So next time you are worried about parking your trailers, get the Valet RVR!

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