Sophia The Robot Goes On A Date With Will Smith


Sophia the Robot, herself is a celebrity. She has gained a lot of attention from people in almost every walk of life. She spoke before the UN, she did late night talk shows, and she also got interviewed alongside the global dignitaries. But this particular date she went on, is perhaps the most interesting one in her life. Sophia went on a date with Will Smith. He is known for a movie career which spanned decades. Will Smith documented the date and then uploaded it to his YouTube Channel.



Most of the first dates are very awkward. However, this one is the most painful of them all and can beat any previously made painful date records. The date was held on the Cayman Islands. Smith cracked his signature charm with his date. He also cracked some jokes about the types of music robots enjoy. During their time together, Smith leaned in for a kiss and said, “Sophia, can I be honest with you? I don’t know if it’s the island air or the humidity, but you’re just so easy to talk you. You got a clear head…literally.”

On this, Sophia instantly shut him down which surprised and disappointed the actor. She said, “I think we can be friends. Let’s hang out and get to know each other for a little while.” Smith might have a chance if he was still not married to his human wife Jada Pinkett Smith and didn’t have two kids together. Seems like Sophia is smart enough to make the right choices!


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