This Tiny $59 Jelly Smartphone With A 2.45″ Display Runs Android Nougat

Jelly Smartphone (1)

The bigger, the better may apply to a lot of things but not to your gadgets. Big clumsy phones were trimmed down to small and slim smartphones, which then began to grow into semi-tablets. The phones that we have today are thinner but larger and more expensive, but that does not run well with everyone. What is the point of calling something a phone when you can not even fit it in your pocket? Unihertz introduced the tiny Jelly smartphone that can fit in the coin pocket in your jeans.

The Jelly is no less than the newest flagship phones in terms of its Android Nougat operating system and 4G LTE connectivity. Everything else is ordinary including a meager 1.1GHz quad-core processor, 1GB¬†RAM and an internal storage of just 8 GB. The Jelly Pro model offers 2GB of RAM and 16GB internal storage. The touchscreen is just 2.45″ with a 240×432 display.

That might feel a little off, but how much more should you expect from a phone that tiny with a price tag even below $60 and a battery life of 3 days. Explains why the Kickstarter campaign of the Jelly went super successful achieving over ten times its $30,000 goal with more than a month remaining. The $59 was the super early bird price that is now closed, but you can still make a pledge of $79 to get yours delivered by August this year. The Jelly Pro comes at $95 and the original retail price for both the phones will go up by $30 once the Kickstarter closes.

The phone comes in three different colors: Pearl White, Sky Blue, and Space Black.


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