Florida Fishermen Say Siri Saved Their Lives At The Sea

iPhone 7 Siri Saves Life

Siri is not exactly the best voice assistant on a smartphone, but it has become people’s hero by saving lives on numerous occasions nonetheless. Three fishermen in Florida reported that Apple’s voice assistant Siri saved their lives when they were abandoned at sea.

Over the weekend, the men were fishing off the Key Biscayne coast, four miles out in the open waters when they experienced rough seas. The men put on life jackets as the boat began to sink, and called for help. They were unable to use the phone’s screen with wet fingers. Sargeant James Barret said, “They had an iPhone 7, which I’m learning today is waterproof.  However, he couldn’t touch the screen with his fingers because they were cold, but he used Siri to call 911.”

They managed to make a handsfree call to 911, the Coast Guard found them, and the rescue diver remained with the fishermen as until police arrived and brought them to safety.

Apple has not advertised the iPhone 7 has a waterproof phone. However, users have found that it is more water resistant than the company claimed. There might even be another protective coating on the phone considering the men were at sea.

Apple’s voice assistant comes with its own set of problems and is certainly not the best one around. The ability to make a handsfree call, that too in 2017 is not something extraordinary, but it has saved lives on numerous occasions. Just a couple of months ago, a four-year-old managed to make a call on his mother’s locked iPhone using Siri that saved the mother’s live.

Mobile phone intelligence is getting better, and we sure do hope that it is for the better of mankind.

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