Tinitell Is The First Smartphone Made Specifically For Kids

Tinitell Phone

Why do children need or are given access to a phone? The primary reason is so that the parents can stay in touch with their children. However, the child is more prone to losing or damaging a phone.
Tinitell 4Nowadays, you need to know where your children are and you require a medium of communication with them as well. For all such parents who are in a fix as to how to do this? We have this amazing gadget by the name of Tinitell for you all.

Tinitell 2Tinitell is essentially a wristband, which allows the concerned parents to call and track their child since this wristband is basically a wearable phone and a GPS tracker. Tinitell will be one of the smallest commercial mobile phones that are available to the consumer market once it is launched. The wristband will work either via voice recognition or through the click of a button. The wristband doesn’t come with a delicate screen so the child need not take it off while playing. It is also splash proof and can withstand quick dips in water. It makes use of voice recognition so if a child was to say ‘mom’ or ‘dad’, the watch will dial the corresponding number and the child will be able to talk to them. Of course children will be able to manually search for contacts as well.

Tinitell 3The watch will be accompanied by an app, which will allow parents access to more features. The most prominent feature is that the parent will be able to know where the child is since the watch comes with a built-in GPS system.  The creator of Tinitell is Mats Horn who lives in Stockholm. He came up with the idea back in 2012 and is currently running a campaign on Kickstarter.

Horns recalls that his friend’s son wanted to go outside but didn’t have a smartphone and that ‘He had lost a cell phone once before and we didn’t feel like lending out our smartphones. Worst of all, we couldn’t join him outside because we were busy cooking dinner. His son ended up playing in his room with his iPad, and I thought that was sad.’

Tinitell 5Subsequently, Horns tells that he decided to do something about this and finally made up his mind to create a smartphone specifically for children; “Nothing advanced, just a nicely designed speaker and microphone to handle quick ‘hellos’ and ‘come here’ signals. I realised it’s not in their (big companies) DNA to make products less advanced. I saw a huge opportunity and customer benefit that I felt obliged to tackle with an affordable solution”

Tinitell 6Tinitell has already won the Sweden’s largest entrepreneurship competition in 2013 and now it’s all for production once the Kickstarter campaign pulls through. Check out the youtube video below for more:


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  1. Arup Dutta Reply

    No Kid will ever keep it around their wrist. This is even wrong morally. This will create a sense of mistrust among the kids. Its like putting a dog strap around their neck. If someone want their kids to be safe they should give enough time and attention till the kids learn to handle their own lives.

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