Guy Creates A New Gadget That Allows Him To Take His Pet Fish Out For A Walk

aquatic permabulator

Keeping pets is something which is widely practiced throughout the world and is among one of the most favorite hobbies. However, there are certain barriers so as to speak when it comes to different types of pets; for example, you can take your dog and cat for a walk but you can’t take your fish for a walk. Well, a more accurate statement would be that up until now you couldn’t!

Aquatic Perambulator4

Meet Mike Warren-Madden, who used to be a sheet metal worker. Now Mike came to realize about seven years ago that his fish, Malcolm, was getting bored by staying at one place. As the pet’s owner, Mike felt that it was his responsibility to do something about it. A number of weeks were spent at the drawing board where he brainstormed and finally came up with a design for a gadget that he named ‘Aquatic Perambulator’. The sole purpose for this device was to allow Mike to take Malcolm on a walk. Although Malcolm has moved on to a better place (he passed away), we can say this with utmost certainty that it lived an adventurous life and was able to get rid of the boredom that Mike had sensed it was falling a victim to.

Aquatic Perambulator2The device is four foot high and has been constructed from laser-cut mild steel. Over the course of seven years, Mike has been able to improvise the design and come up with solutions for the flaws that were present in the initial design. According to Mike; ‘I’ve added better elastic to take the shock out of the water and I hope to get better wheels.’ He further added that; ‘Because of my background as a sheet metal worker I have been able to build this at little cost – but for someone else it would cost hundreds to make. I think I’d like someone to come forward and help me motorize it perhaps with a remote control.’ He is also hopeful that someone would be interested in investing in his design soon to make it a commercial product.

Aquatic Perambulator3Mike is 60 years old and belongs to West Yorkshire. He recalls that he used to take Malcolm on walks around the town and even made trips to pub with him. ‘We had some right looks around town, we stopped traffic, but everyone had got into it now. It’s not every day you see someone taking a fish for a walk. If a fish is in a bowl on a shelf swimming in circles it must get bored. I decided it would be fun to take it out with me down the pub. Malcolm lived to almost 12 years old, I think he was getting something out of it.’; says Mike.

What do we conclude from this article? That there are certain people who are very caring towards their pets and well a little care is that we all need, don’t you agree?

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