This Washing Machine Runs Without Electricity And Costs Only 40$

GiraDora 8

The process of washing and drying has been made so easy with the invention of washing machines and nowadays we don’t find it a burden to wash our clothes. For us, it’s a simple process of throwing the clothes in, letting the machine do the hard work while we sit back and enjoy. However, what if you didn’t own a washing machine or what if there was no washing machine to start with? The result would be something that we will find too taxing; washing by hands.
GiraDora 7The process of washing clothes by hands is tiresome and requires quite an effort. Not to mention the sore muscles afterwards. Now that we have given you some perspective, There are thousands of millions of people who still don’t have the luxury known as washing machine and resort to washing by hand. Imagine the hardship that they must go through every day for 7 days a week. This is where the gadget, GiraDora, made by Ji A You and Alex Cabunoc comes in. It has been designed to improve the washing clothes experience for those who don’t own a washing machine.

GiraDoraGiraDora is a foot powered washing machine cum dryer which aims to change how people approach washing and drying of clothes with a price tag of $40. Upon first look, the GiraDora looks like a cooler for keeping your beverages cool but look again and you’ll come to know that it is quite a fine gadget with a smaller bucket incorporated inside it with an agitator. So, how does it work? You put the laundry in, fill it with water and throw in the required amount of soap into the tub. Now you’ll have to close the lid and sit on it. Once seated, you’ll notice a pedal right next to your feet. Use that to power the machine; working the pedal will make the agitator inside move and you can begin the washing process. The upside is that you get to work out while washing clothes and as you might have noticed already; no electricity bill to pay. Once the washing process is complete; let the water out and now you can use the GiraDora as a spin dryer to help you dry your washed laundry.

GiraDora 9 GiraDora 5Other than the obvious advantages of letting you work out and the absence of electricity bills, GiraDora will also cut down the time required to complete the washing by a high margin. It will also take away any health associated risks when compared with washing by hands. Decreasing the drying time will help users remain tension-free from the mould growth, which usually takes place when drying takes longer time periods to complete. The gadget was an entry in the recent Dell Social Innovation Challenge.

GiraDora 3 GiraDora 6Even at $40 the gadget may seem costly for the intended target market. The team has plans of testing GiraDora in disadvantaged countries in South America before taking the testing phase to next level where they will test this gadget in India. The current goal of team is to provide GiraDora to one million people. Such an amazing and useful invention to solve a huge problem!
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  1. Cynthia uwandi Reply

    Wow!!…pls when can we in Nigeria have this, power supply is a big issue to us and most houses can’t afford a machine….this would be lifesaving… Pls come quickly!

  2. sanjay patil Reply

    How to buy this washing machine? I m from India.. Pls let me knew..

  3. Carol Reply

    When can we in America buy this? I would love to buy one for our family and also pay for one to go to a family in another country. Is there any place to purchase these yet?

  4. avinash keripale Reply

    i want to purches this product.i am from india.plz send me any contact or where i purches this peoducts.

  5. emma george Reply

    This would be great for people who can’t have washing machines in apartments in the USA.

  6. Expectant Reply

    Please sell it in Canada too. People who live in apartments are tired of being
    over charged for the use of electric washing machines in their buildings.
    People who live in motorhomes or campers year round (thanks to Canada’s
    expensive housing costs) also need this machine.

  7. Julian Birch Reply

    This sounds like an amazing invention. Any possibility you might sell it in the States some day? I came across this when I was considering ways to keep the bills low when I finally get my own apartment. All the places I looked at with decent rent only pay water and sewage bills and don’t come with their own washers and dryers. I hate using the laundromat because they charge a mint every wash and I have to stick around there to guard my clothes for who knows how many hours. Something like this would be great because I could wash my clothes in the apartment almost for free, use no electricity, and get a little workout while I’m at it too. I think I’d personally prefer to see a bicycle pedal powered version, but this design is more appealing than other people-powered washers I’ve seen. Hand cranking with my noodle arms is seriously unappealing.

  8. joannapaul Reply

    Its great to find an electricity-less washing gadget that works well to clean clothes. The price seems to be cost-effective and thus one could make a best exercise with the foot pedal. Are they available everywhere?

  9. Shoron Reply

    Hello, i’m from Bangladesh. How can i buy it or import this washing machine to my country. I think that product will be very helpful for our country.

  10. Farhan Ullah Reply

    It is good to use easily if the facility of the electricity is not available. But how we will get this washing machine. If we want to purchase how it is possible to get and collect this washing machine.

  11. Ashok BHAVSAR Reply

    It’s very innovative product design… But $ 40 is still not within the reach of large number of people who earns hardly $ 1 to 2 a day in developing country and the target market of scarcely available electricity…

    • Expectant Reply

      Maybe people in wealthier countries could co-sponsor the cost
      in some way. For North American consumers though it is affordable.

  12. Saleh Safie Reply

    great design and very impressive but still not DIY thing because you need to produce tub, molded injection pedal and etc

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