This Wall-Crawling Robot Will Keep Your House Clean

tody_roomba (1)

This squishy, four-limbed dust-busting robot cephalopod, is called Tody. This little house-cleaning helper is the best way to get rid of those cobwebs that appear almost overnight, and for other simple cleaning tasks.

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Designed by Turkish designer Rana Alper, Tody is designed to be the ultimate Roomba (the original cleaning robot). It has four tentacle-like limbs with 22 steam nozzles each, 29 vacuum nozzles and thousands of tiny adhesive pads, similar to those on the feet of a gecko. In theory, Tody’s will not only be able to climb your walls, but your windows, furniture and curtains as well. It can even steam-clean your ceilings and the underside of your furniture.

tody_roomba (2)

The robo-squid can be easily programmed using simple voice commands. You can even tell it to hide itself when you’re in the room or when company is about to arrive. Tody is currently a concept, as part of this year’s Electrolux Design Lab competition. But as concepts go, this house-cleaning squid could easily fit right in with the lawn mowing and floor cleaning robots that we already have around the house. And if Alper wins the competition, we just might get the chance to test out a Tody of our own. For now, we will have to wait till it rolls out in the market~


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