New Photo Shoot Shows How The iPhone 6 Will Look Like


iPhone sure has stolen the limelight with its new model iPhone 6 expected to be released soon, we are witnessing a myriad of mockup leaks floating the internet with every new leak more convincing than the previous one. Currently, a guy named Sonny Dickson managed to get his hands on the dummy unit for iPhone 6, supposedly, and did a photo shoot.

Dickson pits the model against 8 iphone models along with Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One (M8). The pictures are superb and we believe that they closely resemble the iPhone 6, which is due later this year.

We have collected and are sharing the pictures from his photo-shoot, enjoy!

iphone-6-sonny-dickson-mockups-11 iphone-6-sonny-dickson-mockups-10 iphone-6-sonny-dickson-mockups-9 iphone-6-sonny-dickson-mockups-8 iphone-6-sonny-dickson-mockups-7 iphone-6-sonny-dickson-mockups-6 iphone-6-sonny-dickson-mockups-1 iphone-6-sonny-dickson-mockups-3 iphone-6-sonny-dickson-mockups-4

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