This Video Shows The Future Of Real-Time Video Manipulation

manipulated video

The video created by motion designer, Vladimir Tomin, takes the viewer through a stroll of a landscape where the digital manipulation and the real world combine with each other. The designer has confused its audience with the interface of his work tools in the real world while performing tasks like bending the streetlamps and pushing slinkies downstairs. He said, “When you have an idea, you can’t wait to see how it is going to work, and if it is going to work. So you work towards it, and during the process, there is stuff that you have to figure out, stuff that works easier than you planned, and stuff that is much harder than you anticipated. It’s a very fulfilling process that is fueled by curiosity.”

Tomin said that inspiration of his work comes from everywhere, but his latest work was inspired by the real-time AI filters on Instagram. He said that he created this video to reflect what the future of video editing technologies will become very soon. He used generic motion interfaces to create the illusion of manipulating objects in real time by using an Instagram filter. The actual footage was made using the real video footage which was combined with manipulated objects that were created using Adobe After Effects and Cinema 4D.

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