This 70 Years Old Pokemon Hunting Grandpa Is Taking The Game To Another Level

pokemon go player grandpa

Pokemon GO is not as phenomenal as it was some years ago when nearly everyone was playing it. However, there are still many fans of the game and this 70 years old Chen Sanyuan is perhaps the most dedicated player of the game. He got a lot of attention on Reddit when pictures of his customized cycle to catch Pokemon GO went viral. Chen Sanyuan, a 70 years old Pokemon GO hunter is also upgrading his bicycle as much as he can. He currently has nine smartphones all connected to different Pokemon accounts and nine power banks stored in a small basket. This allows him to hunt the pokemon for 20 hours at a time.

Chen’s unique bike setup made a significant impact on Reddit and people from Taipei, Taiwan started to look for the grandpa in the big city. One of them found him while he was on his hunting and asked him many questions like what got him into Pokemon GO, how many days does he plays and how many phones does he uses. The mainstream media of Taiwan also reported on the 70-year-old which got him a lot of attention online. Chen Sanyuan was introduced to the game by his grandson, and he fell in love with it. He always rides his bike throughout Taipei, but through Pokemon GO he also made new friends and stay in touch with them through the app. As time went on, he started dedicating more time and money in the game. These days he hunts for the digital monsters for 5 to 6 days a week and spends almost 10,000 yuan a month. This includes both the in-app purchases and on the hunting equipment for his bicycle.

According to a report, Chen has upgraded his gear from 9 smartphones to 11. All of these are running Pokemon GO accounts. He is keeping several phones because they allow him to attack gyms without needing any support from his friends. He uses his high-level accounts and gets the job done on the spot. Each phone is connected to a high-capacity power bank which allows him to continue his daily adventure for more than  20 hours at a time. In an interview, Chen Sanyuan said that he prefers spending real money on the Pokemon GO app, which is hundreds of dollars each month. If he attacks other people’s gyms, it will make them unhappy, so he doesn’t do that. Chen plans to upgrade his phones to 15 to make his pokemon hunting much more efficient.

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