Tesla Will Soon Add Classic Atari Games To Their Cars

atari games coming to tesla Easter eggs

Tesla will include a handful of playable Atari games in the system’s iconic Easter eggs 9.0 software update. CEO Elon Musk made this announcement on Twitter. Another tweet from Musk confirmed a few games which Tesla owners will find in the update. They include Pole Position, Tempest, and Missile Command. Pole position is one of the games that no one should be playing while driving and the company will have the game available only when the car is parked.

The owners are hoping that this decision will lead to the addition of more vintage Atari games being added in the future software updates. The most significant announcement for Tesla owners is that the software version upgrade can enable “full self-driving features” in some units. No details about this have been released yet, but Tesla fans can expect more information on this very soon.

Tesla has never been short on creativity when it comes to the famous Easter eggs. Some of the most popular features were released this year in April. There is also a cowbell labeled ‘More Cowbell’ which is a reference to a Saturday Night Live comedy sketch from 2000, starring Christopher Walken. There is also a warp speed overlay that will send a Tesla owner into ‘hyperdrive.’ It seems like the Model S is getting the same 007 access code feature which will pull up James Bond’s signature Lotus. To access the Easter Eggs, drivers will be required to tap the console, pick the feature and enjoy.

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