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This Version Of Interstellar Starring Elon Musk Is More Fun

A Hilarious Mashup Starring Elon Musk In Interstellar

Almost all of you have watched the movie Interstellar starring Anne Hathaway. It sure is a sensational movie that takes you on a roller coaster ride in space. You all are also aware of who Elon Musk is – the guy behind SpaceX and Tesla! What we will be talking about is a short parody that features Anne Hathaway in a dramatic scene from the film with a guest appearance from Elon Musk. The YouTube user KaziooFX relied on manual editing for creating this amazing short parody.

The short video shows us the renowned actress and acclaimed entrepreneur working together to attempt to save humanity. As it happens, the YouTube user KaziooFX used the image of Musk’s head discussing various topics and placed it over the body of Matthew McConaughey – the actor who actually starred in the movie Interstellar.

Things get even more interesting when you realize that some of the footage has been taken from the infamous podcast with Joe Rogan. The video has also been loaded with bits of Falcon 9 first stage as it shoots back to Earth.

Those of you who have already seen the SpaceX Commercial Resupply Services mission (CRS-16) webcast, have already seen the chaos and uncertainty that has been incorporated into this clip from Interstellar. Once the first stage of Falcon 9 rocket had managed to get the upper stages headed toward the orbit, it made its way back to the landing pad. However, this particular landing was not as successful as its predecessors.

The ship began to rotate off-kilter once it headed back to Earth. A hydraulic pump that was operating one out of the three grid fins gave way. Fortunately, control was gained back before it made the splashdown. Nonetheless, the rocket made its way into the Atlantic Ocean instead of the craft it was supposed to land on.

This particular moment has been juxtaposed with the successful landing on Miler’s planet and a famous quote from Musk. The YouTube user KaziooFX says, ‘it’s a parody video of the water landing of Falcon 9 booster B1050 that flew on CRS-16 mission. It was NOT made with DeepFakes technology, but with traditional, manual editing.’ Check out the amazing parody video below and let us know what you think of it!

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