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Watch What Happens When An Egg Is Cracked In Freezing Cold

Ever wondered what would happen if you cracked an egg open when it was freezing cold? Sounds like a bizarre idea, no? Don’t worry though; the YouTube channel Minnesota Cold has already explored this amazingly unique idea by cracking an egg open when it was -27 degrees Fahrenheit.

Almost everyone among us knows what will happen when you break an egg in normal temperatures. However, what happens when you break the egg when it is freezing cold? The YouTube channel Minnesota Cold explored this question in its recent video.

The video description says, ‘Minnesota, it’s so cold that…eggs freeze mid-air. This is what happens to eggs when you put them outside in Minnesota when it’s -27 degrees Fahrenheit.’ The host in the video breaks two eggs. The first one is broken mid-air between two stacks of bread and the second one is broken on a pan. What do you think happened? Let us remind you that the temperature is -27 degrees Fahrenheit.

Yeah, both times the eggs froze in bizarre and unique patterns that were definitely picture-worthy. Do you think this particular video was peculiar? Want to see more? Well, you are in luck because Minnesota Cold is actually all about such experiments. The show claims that ‘Minnesota Cold is dedicated to trying science experiments in the cold weather of Minnesota. We also like to make How To videos. Minnesota, it’s so cold that…’

Be sure to check out the video posted below to witness the power of the cold. Just watching the video has sent shivers of cold down our spine. However, it was all worth it. What do you think of this experiment? Do let us know about your opinion, and do explore the YouTube channel Minnesota Cold to see more amazing experiments carried out by the YouTube channel.