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Indian Man Spends 30 Years Single-Handedly Digging Water Canal To His Village

Indian man spent 30 years of his life digging a water canal to his village

An old pensioner from India has lately become known as the canal man. The guy single-handedly built a 3 km water canal with the most basic hand tools. It took 30 years for Laungi Bhuiyan to complete this canal that he kept working on secretly and was revealed in recent times.

Kothiwala is a remote village in India’s Gaya district. The place has always suffered from a shortage of water. There isn’t any place that could even contain the rainwater for this remote village, and it all flows down the nearby hills to the flowing river.

The state didn’t do anything regarding the issue for years, and this became the reason that the canal man was urged to do it himself. Many locals have left the village and have migrated to other areas due to the shortage of water. Laungi was the only one who fought this problem and stayed back instead of running away.

Laungi worked extensively in his free time and kept on digging a canal for three decades until he managed to reroute the water from the hills to a pond in his village. This will benefit the locals of the area at large and is a relief for future generations.

No one offered help to the old pensioner even with the final stages of completion. The canal is four feet wide and three feet deep and runs all the way from the hills to the village. It is still an astonishing thing to believe that the guy built all of it with essential bare hand tools.

In an interview with ANI, the canal man said that it took him 30 years to dig this canal, which takes the water to a pond in the village. For the last three decades, he would go to the nearby jungle to tend his cattle and dig out the canal. No one joined him in this endeavor. Laungi said when villagers were going to cities to earn a livelihood, I decided to stay back and work for the cause.

Kothiwala is situated at a distance of 80 km from the Gaya district headquarters. The village is surrounded by dense forests and mountains with a beautiful landscape. The geographical positioning of the small town makes it more of an isolated place.

Laungi’s work has proved fruitful as the rainwater that went down the hills now comes shooting to the canal. It has catered to the shortage of water, and locals now have ease in raising their animals. The irrigation of crops is also an easy task now as the villagers have water in abundance.

“A lot of people will benefit here. People now recognize the Canal man’s work,” a local teacher Ram Vilas Singh added.

Laungi’s work hyped up on social media, and his efforts are praised at large. It is the social media where he got his new nick ‘Canal Man’ for his untiring and selfless efforts; if this doesn’t restore our faith in humanity, then what will.

An influential twitter user first identified Laungi’s work and highlighted it as one of a kind story based on kindness. We all know finding it in today’s world is pretty rare. The twitter user got in the loop with the Indian Billionaire and urged him to get the canal man a tractor, so the good work continues in a comparatively easy way. Find out the beautiful story of the older adult’s kindness in the video below.

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