“Bored Elon Musk” Comes Up With The Best Invention Ideas Ever


Can a parody actually edge towards being more realistic than the real thing? That’s what seems to be happening with an Elon Musk Twitter parody known as Bored Elon Musk. The account describes itself as a “futuristic hyper-parody account,” and some of his future invention suggestions sure are hyper-genius.

The sarcastic and witty account is mainly a jibe at Musk’s often “out of this world” ideas and crazy invention suggestions like a boring company and colonizing Mars. But the parody account often presents borderline ingenious suggestions, and the account has drawn over 1 million followers since its inception in 2013.

Although the true identity of the account’s creator remains unknown, Bored Elon Musk is no less a genius than the real deal when it comes to creativity in thought and problem identification.

Below are the 15 most amazing tweets that will make you wish why didn’t you thought of it before!


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