Google’s New AutoDraw Software Uses AI To Make Your Drawings Better

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If you are one of those people, who look at people’s beautiful sketches and graphic doodles and wish you could at least draw a plain box that didn’t look hideous. A plain paper and pencil drawing is one thing, if you are trying to doodle on your phone or tablet screen, the results are hardly recognizable even by yourself. Google has good news for the likes of you and I, who can barely draw. AutoDraw is Google’s new program that uses machine learning to match your doodles with professional drawings to make your sketch cleaner.

You can get AutoDraw on your phone, tablet or desktop computer and draw the most random doodles you can imagine. Birthday cake, a hat, or a dog or a doll, whichever way you like. Image suggestions will appear above the drawing pad, and you can choose the one that closely resembles your requirement. A talented artist community has contributed their simple drawings to Google, and AutoDraw sifts through those images to find the one resembling your drawing. If you want to freehand something, you can just turn off image suggestions in the toolbar.

The application does not make you a master artist over time. It just allows you to create things with a personal touch, a birthday card, a flyer, an invitation, anything. The app is also perfect for keeping yourself occupied on your commutes or just any other free time.

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Google has been expanding its neural network forever. Google’s QuickDraw challenge is a game where users draw random doodles, and the program’s neural network identifies them in 20 seconds. To identify correctly, the program compares the sketch to the ones that others make. It even allows you to tailor your drawing by verbally explaining the guess, so it also helps add to Google’s neural network. AutoDraw uses the same algorithm as QuickDraw and shares the same neural network. Each one of your drawings is an addition to Google’s already extensive neural network.

The Google AI Experiments team says:

We hope AutoDraw will help make drawing and creating a little more accessible and fun for everyone


Have a look at how AutoDraw works and the go draw at

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