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Watch This First-Time VR Player Drop A Grenade & Run Into The Wall

Remember the good old days when playing a conventional game on your PC meant that while you were enjoying the game and were hooked onto it; you still could tell the real and virtual reality apart? Well, yes, we were completely immersed in the game, and at times the reality did seem a bit too harsh but nonetheless; we enjoyed the games without letting them make us look like an idiot!

Virtual reality games have a lot to offer to the gaming community and in doing so have also caused some confusion. The VR experience can be so overwhelming that sometimes you forget about your surrounding area. This is great if you want to be thoroughly immersed in the game, however; it can be quite funny and dangerous given the circumstances are not in your favor.

A video titled ‘When VR Gets Too Real,’ you can see a gamer becoming the victim of VR games. The video was uploaded by user ricardogonhin and shows a first-time player trying out the VR game. In the video, it becomes quite clear that this is the first time that she is playing the game. Anyone who has checked out VR gaming can tell you that the first time is sort of a magical experience but also a bit strange.

The VR game, a great VR game, is capable of taking you out of your bedroom into the gaming world that seems astonishingly real. Anyhow, coming back to the video; during the military VR game, the new player drops a digital grenade. This triggers her to run off (a very normal reaction to dropping a hand grenade). However, in this particular scenario, she ran into a wall – literally!

It appears that she is okay, but we cannot be too sure about the headset. Such VR videos are popping up more and more as people are actively starting to enjoy VR games. However, one should make sure that when attempting VR games; the environment is free of items that you might damage or the ones that can hurt you.

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